How To Get Good Audio in Less Than $200

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So the typical things I face every now and then is audio problems; I have always been confused what to do with it and trust me being a videographer it is a very essential thing you need to know or you will just screw up whatever you are recording.

Have you ever seen Vlogs by the amazing Casey Neistat or seen interviews being done by other videographers? If not just open up your google and start researching but if you don’t have time I will just give you the perfect solution for it.

For those who can and can not afford much and own a dslr to make videos and need better quality the 3 best solutions for you guys are

OPTION 1: Buy a Rode Video Mic Pro which cost you around $195 / AED 700 appx. It is light and you can have it on top of your camera all you need to do is face it towards the other person and start recording

OPTION 2: Buy a BOYA BY-WM6 wireless mic it is handy for interviews, it can connect to your camera plus can be placed on flash shoe mount of your camera. I would highly recommend this to all the Wedding Film Makers who take testimonials; this should be your first choice. Pricing is around $170 / AED 650 appx

OPTION 3: If you are more picky about your audio I would recommend the perfect combination of Boya BY-WM6 with another amazing device called Zoom H6. Zoom is a bit expensive but it is the perfect solution for audio recording and would even recommend to those who wish to record music at home.

If you want to check the audio quality for these I would recommend you a small tech video I did earlier; you can check out the audio there.

*all the images are taken from google and i don’t own or plan to own them now or in near future
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