My Favorite Igers From Lahore – #MeraLahore

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I know its hot but every now and then I start missing Lahore; so be prepared to have a complete post about Lahore very soon; but before that I remember a friend asking me that don’t you miss capturing lahore and my very simple response to them was I do but am so proud that there are some brilliant igers in Lahore who are doing justice to it. 

But before that lemme say that I was utterly disappointed by using the #IgersLahore. Why were there so many pics of Islamabad and other places in it ? The top igers of Lahore weren’t using it either. Anyways So here I am just hand picking very few who are top of my mind
1- Mueez Kazmi 
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Mostly people think the number of followers define a persons feed by think Mueez Kazmi is doing a pretty job capturing the true essence of lahore

2 – Ansab Majeed

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No he is not being featured here because he is related to me; but because he is a weird wannabe cool guy who is so good in capturing Lahore I start to miss my lovely city.

3 – Nida Alvi

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I met Nida ages ago and at that time she was just an ordinary instagrammer having her 9-5 day job a fashion brand in Lahore but GOD if I look at her feed now its BAMMMM beauty at one place; plus I like the fact that she gives her self time to travel and goes to different places just for the sake of exploring.

4- Daawar Khan

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I recently came across this chaps profile and was so delighted to see such amazing pictures and me being a videographer was so happy to see him uploading videos as well. VIDEO CONTENT IS THE GAME!

5- Kumail

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Surprisingly I don’t even know from which city he actually belongs to because of the diversification  in his instagram feed but all I know that while sitting here I wish I could go on travel journeys with him.

6- Amjad Nawaz

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People mostly know him as the guy who started the @InstameetLahore instagram handle but all I know him as the guy who has rad photoshop and lightroom skills and is a LAHORI!!!

7- Rida Ali

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I know this girl since forever, she used to be good in capturing Lahore and I was surprised when I saw her take over my feed with such visual delights. But now she has betrayed Lahore and found love in a hopeless place (Islamabad), i mean she got married and moved to Islamabad but kabhi kabhi junoon uthta hai is ko to take amazing pictures. So just go and follow her.

8 – Mueez Baig

Another Mueez in the list, once again someone I started following recently and am sure seeing his feed you will start following him as well.

I know there are many other in the list who are brilliant but I really don’t care at the moment, I just miss Lahore and these people aren’t helping me in forgetting it. Oh and word of advice to all those capturing amazing pictures in Lahore & Pakistan; DAWNDOTCOM is not the only hashtag you guys should be worried about, i fail to see Lahore having an amazing hashtag which defines Lahore and its beauty so do work on it. My suggestion too all of you is #MeraLahore. Trust me if #VisitDubai can work #MeraLahore will be a killer 😉

As soon as I said #MeraLahore I remembered one of the videos I did for Samsung Pakistan which was shot on Note 4 with the very same name, so I will just leave you with my shamless pimping and some video visuals of Lahore shot entirely on Samsung Note 4

End per I will just say my remarkable and beautiful words if you still don’t find them interesting; sadly you are just left with ME so don’t feel shy and click the follow button YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

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